comm’on vzw

. comm’on is a non-profit organisation based in Gent- Belgium, engaged in international and community based artistic projects.

. the primary objective of comm’on is to work both practically and theoretically within the field of the performing arts towards interdisciplinary artistic practices. Performance is our common ground and from there we ask how we can dialogue and create with other media towards new languages.

. our emphasis is on groundbreaking research within the practice itself and its relationship with the broad socio-political context. Our work focuses on developing and recycling practices that meet the needs of specific groups, communities and individuals with the goal of working in an inclusive and sustainable way.

. as an organisation consisting of people of various nationalities, we want to pay particular attention to cultural diversity, to address relevant social issues and to approach the world from different points of view.

. comm’on develops artistic projects, offers workshops, classes and exchange sessions based on several tactics for dialogue.


. is a theatre-maker, a performer, a networker and a researcher. Adriana is working on a  practice-based Ph.D. at S:PAM- Studies in Performing Arts and Media/ University of Ghent in Belgium, in association with the School of Arts (KASK) , where she is investigating contemporary performer training processes in relation to politics of embodied research. In 2009, she concluded her Master’s degree in Contemporary Arts, also practice-based, at the University of Lancaster, UK, on Deleuze and Guattari’s notion of becoming in relation to physical theatre. She is since 2015 member of the international theatre group The Bridge of Winds, led by Odin Teatret actress Iben Nagel Rasmussen.

. she is the co-founder of Cross Pollination, a nomadic laboratory promoting dialogues in-between
different arts practices. This international platform develops performance, research and knowledge exchange
projects, generating unique tactics for facilitating shared autonomy and horizontal structures of power and relationships.

. adriana is interested in artistic projects that support sustainable social thinking, all kinds of urban processions and parades, children performances and, yes, training.